Access conditions:

Free admission for seniors over 65 years old: Seniors over 65 years of age may enter the event free of charge until full capacity is reached by presenting their DNI/NIE/Passport.

Accompaniment of minors under 18 years of age: We remind you that children under 18 years of age must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult or legal guardian during the event. Please fill out the authorization form and present it printed at the entrance to the event.

Free admission for children under 5 years of age, although we advise against it due to the volume of sound.

Download the authorization form

Event conditions: By purchasing tickets, you are accepting the conditions of the event. Please read the conditions carefully to avoid any inconvenience.

Bleacher fee: The grandstand ticket price includes access to both the track and the bleachers, allowing attendees to move freely between the two areas during the event.

General fee: General admission tickets only grant access to the track and do not include access to the bleachers during the event.

Terms and Conditions of Entry Acquisition and Use of Tickets
  • The purchase and use of tickets implies acceptance of these terms.
  • Admission is subject to the maximum capacity of the venue.
  • The organization may modify the program, location or schedules due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances.
  • No refunds will be made for cancellations due to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, airspace closures, strikes, location changes, or the absence of artists due to illness or death.
  • Tickets are final: no refunds or exchanges are accepted, except in case of rescheduling of the event.
  • No re-entry is allowed once you have left the premises, unless you purchase a new ticket.
Secure Purchasing
  • Purchase your tickets only through official points of sale to avoid fraud.
Event Access
  • Lava Live Festival has a single entry; keep the rows in order.
  • Safety inspections will be conducted upon entry.
  • It is forbidden to enter with food, alcoholic beverages and dangerous objects such as weapons or flammable substances.
  • Special area for people with reduced mobility.
  • It is recommended to bring your ID card.
Prohibited Objects
  • Sharp objects, flammable objects, audio or video recorders, or professional cameras are not allowed.
Security and Emergencies
  • Follow the signs in case of evacuation.
  • In the event of a mishap, immediately inform security personnel.
  • We will have doctors, ambulances and emergency areas./li>
  • Food and beverage bars available.
Disclaimer of Liability
  • By accessing, you release Preventos Media from any liability arising from the infection of COVID-19.
Image Rights
  • By entering, you assign your image rights to Preventos Media for use in future promotions.
Conservation of the Environment
  • Lava Live Festival will be held in a privileged location: Ciudad deportiva Lanzarote.
  • Help us keep the site clean by using the available containers.
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